A look into the many aspects that made the show a timeless masterpiece.

*This essay contains spoilers. *

The two best teams in football duke it out this Sunday night in what’s expected to be a Super Bowl shootout.

Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes stepping up and throwing on the run. Photo by Mike Ehrmann, Getty Images.

There’s no shortage for anticipation leading up to a Super Bowl. Every day, no matter how busy or tired, if you are a true football fan, you are counting every waking moment for the big game.

After a close game and a blowout, the Buccaneers and the Chiefs get ready to face each other in Super Bowl 55.

Tom Brady facing pressure vs. the Chiefs. Photo by Mike Erhmann, Getty Images.

Two games down, and only one to go. The board is set to the final moves. The first game of the day ended with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeating the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Championship on Lambeau Fields 31–26 on their way to advancing to the second Super Bowl in franchise history. This would mark the 10th time Bucs QB Tom Brady has reached the big game, an unprecedented feat that continues to baffle practically the entire football world. …

The four best offenses in the NFL will face each other in what promises to be a memorable Sunday.

Rodgers takes a snap from center. Photo Mike Erhmann, Getty Images.

Well my friends, football’s conclusion is getting closer and closer each minute of every day. It’s somethingI dread every year; my heart becomes an empty hole of confusion and frustration whenever Sundays go by without any football, but this is no time to wallow in pity or defeat. There are two very important games this Sunday, and all eyes of the football-viewing world are on them.

QB Patrick Mahomes watching the game from the sidelines. Photo by Jaime Squire, Getty Images.

The final week of the NFL season has come to a close. The season played out as I predicted in my piece covering kickoff weekend. Offense was the name of the game, and defenses were mostly in charge of bending but not breaking. The league MVP will most likely be Aaron Rodgers, who led the Green Bay Packers to a 13–3 record and the #1 seed in the NFC, finishing the season with 48 touchdown passes the second highest passer rating for a season in NFL history, only behind his own 2011 season. Many pick Patrick Mahomes as the second…


How an international rivalry resulted in three of the most influential rock albums in history

Since their first breakout hits in 1963, The Beatles were on top of the world. They proceeded to dominate the charts with constant record-breaking singles and chart-topping albums with little to no market competition. However, despite their success, the reputation they gathered was that of a pop group, with little to no musical or artistic praise. In the same discussion where The Beach Boys, who were looked upon the same light but with a more West Coast sound. Every Beatles song around that time was about love, and every Beach Boys song was about love and… beaches.


Using the dark and eerie environment of the 1970s’ as a backdrop, Scorsese created one cinema’s best case studies

Scorsese directing a scene in Taxi Driver.

*This review contains spoilers.*

A different season from most, but promising in offensive potential.

Photo by Joseph Gareri.

Before anything else, I am first and foremost a football junkie. From September to February, everything I do in life revolves around having the time and space to watch football every Sunday, and I don’t see this changing. The current world circumstances, however, are bound to make this upcoming NFL season, beginning this Thursday, a very interesting one to say the least. More than a dozen players have opted out of playing this season, with some leaving a huge space to fill for their respective teams. …


Exploring the dark and twisted world of one of cinema’s most creative auteurs.

Lynch at the AMPAS’ 11th Annual Governors Awards. Photo by Michael Tran.

Few individuals have left a deep impact in the modern world of art quite like David Lynch has. Described by many as a modern Renaissance man, his work offers a captivating portal into a nightmarish dreamworld mixed with a semblance of our reality. His style has perfectly aligned with modern conventions of how people perceive the world. The power these images have had on popular culture can be seen in virtually every current television/streaming program available.

Reliving the legend of Michael Jeffrey Jordan

When I was a kid, there were two people named Michael that were constantly mentioned in my surroundings. They were names you would hear as regularly as your friends’ names. The first one was Michael Jackson, and the other was Michael Jordan. There was probably a period where I thought they were the same person. Despite knowing these names, I had no idea what they looked like until I was in the second or third grade. You see, I was born long before Thriller, Bad, or Dangerous were a thing and barely two years old when Jordan won his last…

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