A look into the many aspects that made the show a timeless masterpiece.

*This essay contains spoilers. *

The Sopranos is currently in the middle of a cultural revival. Debuting in 1999 and concluding in 2007, it revitalized the dying genre of the TV drama, bringing a whole new level of nuance and sophistication never-before seen on the medium. No show has influenced…

Painting of Nietzsche by Edvard Munch

Throughout the course of my three year academic journey, the life and works of Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche have been a continuous subject of study and interpretation. His influence goes beyond just philosophy, reaching the limits of mainstream popular culture much in the same lines of fascination and admiration of historical…

A reflection on time and knowledge.

Photo by Louisa Gouliamako | Getty Images

Picking a topic to discuss has always been a hard thing for me to do due to the number of interests I have. The closest oversimplification I can make to encompass all of them in one short phrase is history and its moods across time. The very concept of being…

While vastly improved, the Bengals remain between the fine line of contenders and pretenders.

Photo by Rob Carr | Getty Images

Last week, after the Cincinnati Bengals’ impressive victory against the Baltimore Ravens, one of the perennial contenders of the AFC, I spent a good amount of time mulling over writing a piece on them. For whatever reason, I chose to wait for the results of their next matchup against the…

Entering his third year in the league, Jones has yet to show much-needed improvement. Now, his career may be at a crossroad.

Photo by Sarah Stier | Getty Images

It has been a rough couple of years for the New York Giants. Since making the playoffs in 2016, they haven’t come close to sniffing or scratching the surface of a winning record ever since, accumulating what’s easily the worst record in the league during this stretch. The bright moments…

After all the highs of the last three years, the Chiefs currently sit with a 3–4 record and overlooking a tough road ahead.

A frustrated Patrick Mahomes looks at the scoreboard. Photo by Icon Sportswire | Getty Images

Myths crumble in the most unspeakable forms. When the Kansas City Chiefs suffered early season losses to the Ravens and Chargers, a large percentage of the football-viewing world chalked it up to fierce competitiveness between two great opponents. When they subsequently lost to the Bills, a team they comfortably dispatched…

After a spectacular performance on MNF, Henry and co. look to carry their fortunes forward.

Derrick Henry eyeing his prey. Photo by Frederick Breedon | Getty Images

When I was growing up, Monday Night Football was not the big spectacle everyone knew it as. It took me a couple of more years to even realize MNF was actually the game of the week back in its heyday and the entire NFL revolved around its success. You can…

With a 2–4 record heading into week 7, the Pats have their work cut out for them the rest of the way

Head coach Bill Belichick and QB Mac Jones in discussion. Photo by Mitchell Leff | Getty Images

It’s been the good, the bad, and the ugly for the Patriots this season. After low-to-moderate expectations heading into it, the team currently sits at a below .500 2–4 record following their Sunday night loss to the rejuvenated Dallas Cowboys. Both teams are heading in different directions; while the Boys…

Ezra I. James

Absurd journalist and essayist from the outskirts of Shambhala. Email: ezraijamesfromgb@gmail.com Twitter: @igrabvansmiles

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