Ancient Greek Theater

The Greek knew and felt the terror and horror of existence. That he might endure his terror at all, he had to interpose between himself and life the radiant dreambirth of the Olympians. That overwhelming dismay in the face of the titanic powers of nature. (42)

The horrible “witches’ brew” of sensuality and cruelty become ineffective; only the curious blending of duality in the emotions of the Dionysian revelers remind us — as medicines remind us of deadly poisons — of the phenomenon that pain begets joy, that ecstasy may wring sounds of agony from us. (40)

The satyr was the archetype of man, the embodiment of his highest and most intense emotions, the ecstatic reveler enraptured by the proximity of his god, the sympathetic companion in whom the suffering of the god is repeated, one who proclaims wisdom from the very heart of nature, a symbol of the sexual omnipotence of nature which the Greeks used to contemplate with reverent wonder. (61)

Absurd journalist and essayist from the outskirts of Shambhala.

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